Welcome to the Award Winning Premium Yoga Lifestyle Brand. 

Our products are thoughtfully created, meticulously tested, refined, and then lovingly handed over to the wonderful community we have come to love and authentically connect with. Each product is created with the utmost care and conscious intention to add magic and beauty to our world.


A Letter From Our Founder. 

"​NovaWoolf started as a creative outlet whilst I was completing my Masters in Social & Psychological Research at Wits University, as I realized that I hadn’t really spent any time creating just for myself in quite some time.

I missed getting covered in paint, crushing charcoal between my fingers, and expressing myself visually, the way I used to do when I was younger. So, I turned to my art supplies from a place of longing to reconnect with a part of myself that had long been forgotten. 

One day, I was looking for a fresh canvas for my artwork and shared an example on social media of one of my paintings called “MoonMagic” on a yoga mat. Your responses were overwhelming, so I decided to pursue this further. 

As a yoga practitioner, I really wanted to create a magical yoga mat that is kind to our bodies and to our planet. I wanted to create a yoga mat that not only delivers the absolute best quality and performance features, but that would support every part of your yoga practice: physically, emotionally, and spiritually. I wanted each and every person to experience this type of integration between body and mind, emotional value and physical performance, ecological consciousness and personal satisfaction.

NovaWoolf has grown so much in such a short space of time and I'm so excited to expand our product collection even further. Thank you for your support on this wild journey! 

I hope that this community will continue to grow and that this small part of my story will become a treasured part of your story. 

Om Shanti. 

With gratitude and love,"


Ilse Woolf

NovaWoolf Founder