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Inspiring Wellness Through Movement

Premium yoga mats, created from the highest quality, natural, recycled, and eco-friendly materials.

Customer Reviews

Best Yoga Mat

LUXE Solar Wisdom Yoga Mat

"Best yoga mat I have purchased to date. Gorgeous colour and I love the grip. Will definitely have to get a second mat."

Adele H. | South Africa

Absolutely Beautiful

LUXE Coral Yoga Mat

"The yoga mat is absolutely beautiful. The colours are stunning and the mat feels so silky soft. Love it!!"

Deirdre F. | South Africa

Very Happy

ALIGNED Ocean Yoga Mat

"Very impressed with the mat. No slipping, it stays firm, doesn’t stretch like my previous mat did when I I’m in a wide stance. The markings really help to keep the yoga poses aligned."

Gary R. | South Africa

Absolutely In Love

LUXE Solar Wisdom Yoga Mat

"I love my mat so much. It’s unbelievable what a difference a good mat can make to your practice, and the design is just magical."

Vicky T. | South Africa

Life Changing

LUXE Dark Moon Yoga Mat

"Absolutely incredible. I have always bought cheap yoga mats in the past and struggling along with slipping off of them and them not being long enough - but since I bought my Novawoolf yoga mat the practice has completely changed for me. It’s a different experience completely and I couldn’t be happier."

Heidi H. | South Africa

Excellent Service

LUXE Volcanic Yoga Mat

"Excellent service and a great mat :)"

Kelsey S. | South Africa

Love This Travel Mat

Nomad Tide Yoga Mat

This mat is not only beautiful but eco-friendly, locally designed and great to use. It’s got a lovely grip. Very happy.

Jessica G. | South Africa

Love It

ALIGNED Ocean Yoga Mat

"Love it. The grip is amazing, it’s comfortable and supportive while still being solid to easily move on it."

Catherine R. | South Africa

The Best

LUXE Coral Yoga Mat

The best yoga mat I have ever used!

Zoë M. | South Africa

I Love The Luxurious Feel!

LUXE Volcanic Yoga Mat

"Absolutely love the look & feel of my mat! It is so luxurious and I absolutely love the fact that it is larger than most mats!"

Maxine N. | South Africa

The Perfect Yoga Mat!

LUXE Dark Moon Yoga Mat

Love, love, love this yoga mat! The grip is great, and the size is perfect. I especially love that every time I use it I don’t smell of plastic, like every other mat I’ve used. The rubber is also very dense making the mat super comfortable without being too thick. Also, it’s gorgeous! Thank you!

Marianthe S. | South Africa

These Mats Feel So Great

ALIGNED Midnight Yoga Mat

"These mats feel so great and make me look forward to doing yoga that much more! Would definitely recommend!"

Aiden F. | South Africa

Love It!!!

ALIGNED Midnight Yoga Mat

"My mat is exactly what I hoped it would be! It has great grip, a wonderful solid surface and is great indoors and outdoors. I look forward to hopping onto my mat every day!"

Mandi G. | South Africa

The Perfect Mat

ALIGNED Ocean Yoga Mat

"You will stick like glue to this mat. I was really struggling with grip and this has transformed my yoga experience."

Jo W. | South Africa


ALIGNED Ocean Yoga Mat

"Thank you to the Novawoolf team - the experience I had was fantastic. The products I purchased as gifts and they were very well received, and the service from shopping to delivery was excellent!"

Brandon B. | South Africa

The Best!

LUXE Solar Wisdom Yoga Mat

"I was drawn by the beauty of the design, but the real magic is in the structure and functionality. The soft velvety touch makes transitioning such a joy, it makes it seem effortless. No squeaking or slipping…. Pure bliss!"

Gorata H. | South Africa

A Happy Birthday

LUXE Volcanic Yoga Mat

"It was a 'happy birthday to me' treat, which I am loving. The flawless ordering and delivery process was an added bonus. Many thanks."

Caroline F. | South Africa

Really Lovely Mat

LUXE Solar Magic Yoga Mat

"Really lovely Mat. Non slip and very comfortable. Feels soft and you don’t feel sticky at all. Comfort all round."

Tracey K. | South Africa
Unique hand-painted designs. Soft, luxurious and moisture absorbent.

LUXE Mat Designs

Designed for the adventurers. Lightweight, compact and foldable.

NOMAD Travel Mats

ALIGNED Ocean Yoga Mat | With superior grip, extra comfortable cushioning, and intelligent alignment design, our ALIGNED Collection mats are a yogi necessity. Also available in Midnight Black.

All About The Grip