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At NOVAWOOLF, we believe that finding your magic means you need to get on your yoga mat and get sweaty!

Buying a NOVAWOOLF yoga mat, means you are investing in the best, high-performance yoga / fitness gear that will support you for many years to come.

Our premium, eco-conscious yoga mats and accessories are created to add magic to the world by blending innovative technology with thoughtfully curated design.

Our products are kind to your body and to our planet.

New Hand-Painted Additions to the LUXE Yoga Mat Collection: Coral and Volcanic.


Meet our Brand New NOMAD Collection of Travel Yoga Mats: Rising and Tide.


ALIGNED OCEAN YOGA MAT - Made from the highest quality natural tree rubber. You will love this yoga mat for it's excellent grip & alignment design. Also available in Midnight Black.

It's all about the grip



"I am loving my new NovaWoolf Yoga Mat. It's so grippy and the alignment design is super beneficial. Heres to getting stronger, bettering my alignment and working WITH my body!"

Luca Dawn, Knysna, South Africa

"I recently ordered a Luxe Yoga Mat, and I am so happy with the quality! It looks beautiful and is perfect for when my hands get sweaty during my practice as the grip is amazing! To top it all off, it arrived within a day!"

Stephanie-Anne Beatson - Pretoria, South Africa

“Lovely dense, supportive, but flexible yoga mat with a beautiful design. The mat has very good grip, even when it gets sweaty. I really like the fact that it lies completely flat despite being rolled up tight.”

Brent Robinson - Johannesburg, South Africa

"Great grip. Actually the ultimate! I'm Quite sweaty, so it's great to practice on something so supportive."

Sasha Whyte - Johannesburg, South Africa

"Mat density is fantastic - great cushioning for the joints in lunges / supine / floor work. Very comfortable. Traction of the fabric when wet in a hot room is great! Beautiful design - beautiful mat"

Abedah Musengi - Johannesburg, South Africa

"I am loving my new NovaWoolf Yoga Mat. It's so grippy and the alignment design is super beneficial. Heres to getting stronger, bettering my alignment and working WITH my body!"

Luca Dawn - Knysna, South Africa

Wish I had bought it sooner instead of spending a similar value on cheap mats! Love my new mat 💙

Vanessa C.

These mats feel so great and make me look forward to doing yoga that much more! Would definitely recommend!

Aiden F.

Aligned mat - What an amazing product, non-slip which allows for better grip and balance.

Sharon T.

Game changer. Ive always used good mats but this is a whole new experience. My practice is a treat and it’s so soft which I wasn’t expecting. Its really really gentle on my hands (dry joburg weather!) I can’t recommend Novawoolf enough. The print is gorgeous. It’s just lovely to use.

Tanya P., Johannesburg, South Africa

Fabulous. I love my new block! It’s not too heavy, the texture is great. Perfect. Thank you!

Tanya P.

Aligned Midnight. The best mat Eva!

Nedret S.

Aligned Midnight! I am in love with my mat - thank you!

Joanne A

SolarWisdom. In love with this mat. Beautiful and high quality.

Devon K.

Aligned Ocean. Love it. The grip is amazing, it's comfortable and supportive while still being solid to easily move on it.

Catherine R.

Aligned Midnight. Great non slip mat. I love my new mat, it's super luxurious!

Maggie-May H.

Aligned Ocean. Beautiful and grippy

Anisa C.

Luxe DarkMoon. The perfect yoga mat. Love, love, love this yoga mat! The grip is great, and the size is perfect. I especially love that every time I use it I don't smell of plastic, like every other mat I've used. The rubber is also very dense making the mat super comfortable without being too thick. Also, it's gorgeous! Thank you!

Marianthe S.

Luxe DarkMoon. The Best! I was drawn by the beauty of the design, but the real magic is in the structure and functionality. The soft velvety touch makes transitioning such a joy, it makes it seem effortless. No squeaking or slipping…. Pure bliss!

Gorata H.

Aligned Ocean. Love it! So grippy, the right amount of padding and so beautiful!

Leanne M.

Luxe MoonMagic. Absolutely in love. I love my mat so much. Its unbelieveable what a difference a good mat can make to your practice. And the design is just magical 💖

Vicky T.

Luxe MoonMagic. Life Changing. Absolutely incredible. I have always bought cheap yoga mats in the past and struggling along with slipping off of them and them not being long enough - but since I bought my Novawoolf yoga mat the practice has completely changed for me. It's a different experience completely and I couldn't be happier.

Heidi H.

Luxe SolarMagic. Really lovely Mat. Non slip and very comfortable. Feels like soft and you don’t feel sticky at all. Comfort all round.

Tracey K.


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